After You

I let my mind run wild

my thoughts fly far

so far from our moment

and now all that’s left is a scar.

every second in your arms

unleashed power

andΒ untamed desires

emotions that devour.

I thought this was our world

One made for you and I

Once smothered in love

Now smeared with lies.

All over in a second

and whats left now

the memory of yourΒ presence

that clings to me somehow.

my living room haunted

by the sound of your laughter

empty and cold,

void of warmth, just days after.

its killing meΒ to know this,

but I guess I love you still

I wish I could erase you

from my thoughts with one pill.

but it was you, and little me

on tiptoes just to reach

the tip of your nose

that I kissed then teased.

and I still love that minute

just beforeΒ you went home.

I never thought it would all mean

this much when you’re gone.

Β©R. A. Douglas

November 21, 2013.

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