The Queen Inside

Feeble in my heart, weaker still in my thoughts

Carried like a burden the pieces of a broken heart

Followed the dream once cast in my sleep

An ocean of desires, and a drive so deep

Though it was years ago I haven’t woken up

They thought I’d be over but IΒ  haven’t given up

Will I ever know? I’ll never know

Until I get to the place where I’ll know

That I have arrived and I’ve made my mark

That I have opened my eyes and lit my way through the dark

Always listened to my heart more than my mind

Stumbled many a times; one too many times

Fallen face first in mud and filth

Stepped in and out of doubt, frustration and guilt.

Crossed paths with all the right and did too many wrongs

Felt myself breaking but kept singing my song

This weakness I have of following a dream

Gave me the strength of believing what isn’t seen

Better a place where there’s satisfaction in reaching

Than a place full of regret from never trying.

Step by step and day by day

β€œWhere there’s a will there’s always a way”

Pretended to be deaf when the voices said no

Looked over and beyond the obstacles they throw

Thrust back at the wind that pushed against me

Whatever I did, I never turned back to flee

Take this from me, I know this game too well

If you lose your queen, you’ll have no story to tell.

You are who are, and there’s only of you around

The dream the stirs in your heart, has searched the world and found

That only you could carry it and follow it through

To fulfill this destiny, no one else will do.

You were created for greatness. Yes this is true!

Despite what the world says, know there’s a queen inside of you.

Β©R. A. Douglas

April 24, 2013.

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