From Shards of Glass

Scattered in the water along with the others,
A fragment of what we once were; all one.
In pieces now, separate from one another.
Glimmering, sparkling in the light that beams down.
Magnified by the water, still just a piece I am
Grounded beneath the mud, among the rocks
Surrounded by dirt and filth not glam
But solid, complacent and blocked.
Picked up by the hands, wrinkled, frail
Examined awhile; intricately, twice
Measured, weighed. from scale to scale.
Until someone could fix me a price
Though broken and scattered among shards of glass
Founded by One who had set me apart
They seated me now above copper and brass
More gleaming than silver or gold from afar.
Chiseled, carved,Β  polished and shaped
Molded to perfection, embedded in gold.
Displayed in a set and there I was named.
Multifaceted, luminous, precious and bold.
Rainbows of colour explode from within
As sunlight and moonlight travel through me
From mud to luxury far from what has been.
Grandly enthroned for the whole world to see.
No matter the hand I may decorate
I’ll remember that He did not blindly pass,
By me before those who are considered great
Though I was once among shards of glass.

R. A. Newton

November 3, 2012. (old piece I wrote)