Why do I feel like I’m losing?

I said I would never,

But here I am wanting forever.

Why do you look at me

With that fascination And adoration?

Like you’ve never seen

Something so magical

Or someone so beautiful.

All my defences come down,

Now it’s just you and I

In this empty world of lies

. But with every flattery

I see the underlying truth

The way those words sooth

Butterflies inside

Flutter by like moments

Under mistletoes and in poems

Don’t let me go now,

I never meant for this at all

, But I always knew you’d catch me when I fall.

R. A. Newton

November 17,2013.


    1. Thank you :). I don’t really know if there are any secrets to writing good poetry. These are my efforts at ranting, logging daily life or having a written conversation with myself. It’s a sort of routine, like my morning coffee. That’s all.

      1. I been told I write terrible poetry, perhaps I need to continue until the day terrible turns to terribly good

      2. No such thing as terrible poetry. How you write is pretty much your own language. Keep writing. Write for yourself rather than for others.

      3. I do like the idea of writing for myself I done it in the pass but there comes time when you just want to share it with others

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