This Smile


Behind it lies shattered dreams

It’s endured the sunlight, its burning beams

Hidden the broken hearts of his and mine

This smile is a souvenir, a signature, my sign.

Though emotions well up like rivers inside

Though there may be no kin in whom I confide

And whether my thoughts may be here or yonder

You’ll always witness this smile of wonder

The hell it’s escaped you’ll never know

The feelings it buries will never show

But when you’re in pain it knows where to go

The comfort it shows will take you to and fro.

A smile that melts hearts, a smile that eases wounds

A smile I built from the walls of emptyΒ  rooms

Where these words were born as poems and rhymes

That express the smile that has traveled through time

From the era of childhood to the lady in red

This smile from innocence so quickly sped

Destruction surpassed and corruption did too

What’s left is this smile and the thought of you.

Whether you’re here for a lifetime or a day

This smile will be ready to embrace you all the way.

But if you fail, as so many have before

This smile won’t be shaken, won’t need to be restored

It cannot be destroyed, it will not be replaced

It’s what remains when all else seems misplaced

It’s defended love, protected those near

It’s hidden sorrow, and defeated all fear

This smile is a soldier, this smile is permanent

This smile is a warrior, in all battles, content

It shan’t be suppressed, it is highly contagious

More than diamonds, when adorned, this smile is prestigious.

No matter who comes and no matter who leaves

This smile to your memory, will forever cleave.

This Smile- R. A. Douglas



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