Brown Eyes

Winds of blues and greys swirled around them.
Encompassed in thick mists,
A blurry outline of her silhouette
And a brief whisk of her flowery scents.
Feathers of snowy sprinkles
Falling busily, lightly, from the heavens
And he caught, but for a moment,
A glimpse of her pearly eyes,
The deep shades of rich moist earth
And swivels of amethyst and fire.
Spellbinding magic in the large eyes
That warmed his heart amidst the wondrous cold breath of winter.
Still suspended in midair
He felt but the gentle brush of her palms.
Soft and tender,
But brief. So quick it puzzled him.
Was it real? He could not tell.
Then her eyes shone bright,
Mesmerizing as the sun,
Hanging in the winter sky
With curtains of snow draping behind them.
And she was his,
If only for a moment.
Until morning,
When the dream disappeared into daylight,
And her bright brown eyes dissolved
Into an enchanted memory.
She was a dream.
But she was his dream.
R. A. Newton
February 9,2014.


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