All That I Love

Sunlight through stain glass
Soprano voices and church organs
Sun-kissed skin in tones of brass
Bronze and cinnamon tans
All that I love, I want it all.

A full moon on still night ponds
Or raindrops causing ripples through
Intricate moves of the chessboard pawns
The knight that crossed unevenly too
All that I love, I want it all.

Morning dew on green lawns
Humming birds that to and fro dart
Love, like beautiful white swans
Forever together, never to part
All that I love, I want it all.

Hymns, songs and poetry alike
Of quarrels within captured hearts,
Or glass slippers dropped when midnights strike
“happily ever afters”,”til death do us parts”
All that I love, I want it all.

R. A. Newton
May 18, 2014.



  1. Pithy, precise captures of those moments C.S. Lewis describes in “Surprised by Joy.” I like the rhythm, imagery, word relationships and flow. An excellent work.

  2. Absolutely, undeniably lovely. I see this in my mind’s eye; it’s beautifully visual. Well done. (And thanks for the like, too.)

      1. u have a wide soul! it seems i only meet kindred spirits online! it reality i never bump into people like u! i am so grateful for your friendship & luv! ❀ u -marc

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