1. Hi, thank you for liking one of my efforts. I took a ramble through your blog and have enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing. I was sorry to read about your uncle’s passing, he sounded like a really nice person. I hope you and your relations find comfort and strength through each other and in your beliefs especially during the hardship of a loved one passing. Take care

      1. Sorry for taking so long to reply. I did enjoy your writing and style. I hope you don’t mind if I drop in now and then for a rummage though your posts. take good care of yourself and those who take care of you

  2. …your voice is as cryptic zennish proverbial chime calling one to mindfulness…i have a similar flute in my suitcase…i often use my the words of alter-ego (my totem, dafree) as an epigraph to a more lyrical & subtle excavation of my own continuously shifting perspective…do not be surprized if i quote you some time soon! ^^~~~~

    1. I’m rather flattered that another writer would want to quote me. Your comment itself is very much like poetry. Such intricate description. Almost as if Charles. Dickens has imparted some of his thoughts into you. Thank you for the encouraging comment. I’m looking forward to reading your work (dafree’s work).

  3. …falling is a theme in fourth quartet…ultimately love is a decision we make not something we are victimized by me thinks but such is a difficult lesson 4 the ego to accept! …<3

      1. Surprisingly, I understood that although my French is weak. I suppose this is true. Even Solomon in his proverbs refers to wisdom as “her”.

      2. yes! Sophia is important in orthodox catholicism. Roman catholicism is chauvanistic! as u read my poetry u will find my devotion is romantic & numinous, i.e., i have but modest interest in god the father & the masculine trinity as such! in fact, i prefer woman to men in general!

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