You and I

I see compassion in your eyes, in your smile
Love the way you think, the way you talk.
How you carry yourself, steady and agile.
How you strive for your goals, and even the way you walk.
Sensitive, sweet, caring and intelligent,
Everything I’ve ever wanted in “Prince Charming”
Consistent, persistent, in everything diligent.
And all that you’ve been through, certainly alarming
Dumbfounded by this character
Perfection hiding flaws
Successful beyond barriers
Imperfections fear your laws
Credentials exceed the skies
Potentials pushed past limits
All eyes are on you, no lie
No measure to which I could sum it.
Laid back, down to earth, exquisite taste and all
On top, headstrong, still there’s an invisible wall
Preventing me from seeing through
Exactly what you’re here to do
Are you gonna make a move?
Or will you wait for me to prove,
That I’m worthy and I’m capable of handling you,
I’m ready! I could take on your family too.
Don’t have choice but to step back and silently watch,
I thought it’s what I wanted, but lets take it down a notch.
Need to think this one through, at least for an instance.
I’ll let you play on and applaud from a distance.
Boy you got me entrapped; got me stuck in delusions.
Think I should run from it now, the only resolution.
Something so perfect feels seemingly impossible.
But if it were possible it could be incredible.
Here’s what I see: you and me?
we could complement each other.
We’d take it high, make it fly, make the whole world shudder.
You’re dominant,
I’m confident,
Together we’d be prominent
You’re adequate
I’m intricate
We’d be extreme not temperate.
We’d be a power couple, the most ideal couple
Though we would try to hide it, it would never be subtle.
We’d get the world talking,
And even some stalking
And when they see the happy ending
They’re heads would all be spinning.
Quite the picture I could capture in my vivid imagination
But revised we tend to realize it’s just imagination
We’re exactly the same but we’re from two different worlds
We have completely different lifestyles
And I don’t wanna get hurt.
Letting go of all the dreaming, I’ll just smile this one off.
I’ll watch you live it up, promise I won’t scoff.
You belong in your world, headed to your destination.
I won’t be the one stop you, no fights no instigations.
If ever a time arises when you’re feeling less than perfect.
Just stop and think of me, the one who knows you’re worth it. πŸ˜‰

R. A. Newton

November 30th, 2012.



  1. I’m flattered you wrote that about me- only joking – I would be if it were true. A beautiful piece capturing nearly every thought anybody has had on the cusp of a similar situation. Thank you for posting it.
    Take care

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