Sweet Nothings…

You’re only half here, yet you expect me to be whole.

Relieve me of my mind. Let me play a different role.

You come in a million pieces.

Don’t wanna be a craftsman anymore

Putting myself together was more than I ever asked for.

Untangle your mind, unravel your secrets.

Undo your past by doing better in your present

Abandon your pains

Come with a clean heart.

I’d rather be held when you’re not falling apart.

This is not a compromise, Its not a right either.

Read between the lines; there’s a place for us, we’ll meet there.

When I started to believe in the unthinkable

You started acting like the rest, the easily predictable

What can I say? Must be the routine

Must be simpler to close the book than search for the unseen.

People tend to go

Where the river tends to flow

But it’s better to be imprisoned to myself than someone I can’t know

Who can tell of a tomorrow, or of the lifelong?

What’s to say this feeling won’t ever be gone?

When there’s no decision left to make; Right or wrong,

That’s when we realize that we’ve been falling all along.

Falling all along…

September 02,2013.

R. A. Douglas

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