Rain Dance

The downpour commenced
At the nick of time
Like the waters spilled over
Just for this rhyme
Caught me in the grace
Of an everlasting love
The beauty of His creation
Sent from above
Now the sidewalk my stage
The lamppost my spotlight
The thunder my drumbeat
As I twirl and spin into sight
Oh beautiful rain
Where have you been?
My heart’s sought your touch
Since we’ve last seen
Oh beautiful rain
It’s you and I tonight
Dancing to pitter patters
Til the last drop, til midnight.

R. A. Douglas
(Image from tumblr.com)
July 27,2014.


  1. Hi this is great poem, I love the symbolic use of the rain, which works perfectly on a natural level as well. Wonderful poem thanks for blogging it, and thanks for liking and following my blog, best wishes and blessings, Charles.

  2. Well done. I like how it reminds me to soak in the beauty of creation at any given moment – even ones I tend to run/hide from.

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