Then there was quiet
A peace.
An ease in my soul
A comfort I had forgotten the likeness of.
A heavy burden lifted off my heart
With the return of simplicity and grace.
And I thought to myself
If letting go of you feels this good
What was it that I held onto?
What once felt like my life and breath
Is now but a mirage.
It wasn’t you, but the pain I was addicted to.

R. A. Douglas
February 3, 2015.


  1. I love this poem and it is so apt for my life right now. I also love your other post “Break the cycles. Shut the door on the enemy and don’t leave a foothold open. Don’t live the same year twice. Rather than survive, thrive.” – I’ve left the foothold open for far too long and have finally shut the window…. Thankyou – I’ll take these words with me on my exciting new journey….

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