The One That Got Away

I am the biggest surpise you’ve ever had.

I am all that you never understood.

I am beauty that caught your eyes

I am thoughts that captured your mind.

I am the voice that soathes your heart.

I am gentleness that caresses your soul.

I am kindness that dissipates all your emotions.

I am sweetness that melts your manhood.

I am words that lift you up.

I am the strength that guards you.

I am the friend that stays beside you.

I am the trust that brought down your walls.

I am your example of unconditional love.

I am the ghost you called a memory.

I am all that you ever wanted.

I am everything you have ever needed.

I am the one.


R. A. Douglas

February 10, 2015.



  1. So many very beautiful women get passed over for their moral character and faith in Christ. Until the day a very special man in Christ comes along and recognizes the pearls standing before him!

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