Let go. Let God

Letting go is by far one of the hardest parts of life. Whether it’s a relationship, job, habit or pain from the past, we become comfortable with familiarity, sometimes to the point that it prevents us from moving forward in life or taking the next step.
I’ve been in some vicious cycles in the past. Well one, and no matter how many times I closed the door, I curiously left a window open. How many know that all it takes the enemy is a foothold?
I won’t call people the enemy. It isn’t humans we’re at war against. But if a person, object, habit or whatever else youre indulged is not God’s will or aligned with His timing, after a season of testing it/they will eventually be used by the enemy to “kill, steal and destroy.” This is also true when you idolize someone/something, and place them above God on the throne of your heart. Whatever hinders you from your walk with God, ultimately must end, be broken and or severed.
God tried to speak to me, and he even tried to show me in pretty powerful and significant ways but stubborn as I am, when I want something I don’t let go. And so I repeated the same year almost 3 times until finally God pulled the plug. I guess I wasn’t about to step into 2016 with the old demons on my back and recycling the same vicious cycle. He pried the idol out of my hand in a powerful way and shut the door. Believe me the devastation is a lot worse when something is pried out of your hands than when you willingly surrender it.
Think of Abraham willing to sacrifice Isaac, and how moved God was with his obedience. Some of us are 24/7 fighters who don’t know when to put the sword


and shield down.
As hard as it was, when I saw the whole picture God’s peace settled in my heart and I felt stronger than ever. There’s a sense of release that comes with letting go.
Break the cycles. Shut the door on the enemy and don’t leave a foothold open.  Don’t live the same year twice. Rather than survive, thrive.

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  1. As someone who is very fond of routine, I enjoyed reading this instantly eye-catching post about what seems a very authentic and accurate post of claiming the familiar instead of being active for the new. Looking forward to reading more. πŸ™‚ Thanks for checking my blog.

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