There’s a light at the end of the tunnel

Enclosed by a dead end.

Do you turn back or remain?

Have you plateaued?

You’ve gone through mazes and tunnels, and come out alive,

Β Yet none have ended with walls.

Mazes have many ways, many ends to choose from,

But tunnels, they’re only promised a light at the exit.

What then if that light is a hard dead end, and there are no other paths to turn to?Β 

May 28, 2017

R. A. DouglasΒ 


  1. This is interesting. It makes me think…what if the digger doesn’t get rattled awake by the darkness, and remains blind while exiting the tunnel. Then, the digger might condemn him/herself to repeat the process over again until they can face the blinding light. Awesome post R.A. thanks for stimulating my thinker.

  2. What then? Great article on the topic of commitment, (at least in my opinion). If you’re committed to a particular journey, in this case a tunnel, then you will want to count the cost. There are no guarantees of light at a tunnel’s end. That is mostly clichΓ©. What is guaranteed is a journey frought with challenges, sacrifices, and hardships. And its during those events that we must ask ourselves just how important our journey really is.

    Loved it! Thanks for making me ponder this concept.

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