Trouble Maker

I had quite a few nicknames throughout high school, the prominent three being Trouble, Smiley, and the Little Dangerous One. At 5’1 and 105lbs, it was almost impossible to believe that I could be mischievous nor could have instigated quite a few interesting events (to say the least). I kid you not, a smile goes a long way. After all, how could such an innocent bright smile cause so much chaos? (Insert smirk***)Β 

Of course, we all change as we grow older, some of us to the point of not remembering nor recognizing how we used to be.Β I walked into a retirement party for my coach a few years ago, only to be greeted by a other teachers and coaches, not by my first name but as TROUBLE. I had a good laugh remembering all the reasons why.Β 

We’re invincible, until we’re not. Right? We lived like life would never end and that nothing we did would have consequences… and truthfully so, most of our childhood mischiefs were just adorable and later became funny memories. They say, to be old and wise, you must first be young and stupid. I couldn’t agree more.

It’s not all so bad. In this finite lifetime, if we’re lucky we may get between 75-90 years. Why not live a little? Life joyfully and do everything that fulfills YOU! Set fire to your passions, and ignite your curiousity. Be adventurous.

You have to make some mistakes to learn, and although there was a maze of detours and consequences I had to zigzag my way through to get where I am now-which is about halfway to where I intend on going (I think)- I wouldn’t change those mischievous years. They gave me edge and character, and even at 5’1, intimidated the hoot out of some real tall mofos. (Pardon my French 😜 

Looking back, it’s not all straight lines of a routine life, and perfect transitions from one stage to another, but that’s okay, because at every turn there was a breathtaking moment, a hilarious story, or outright ridiculous situation to overcome. That’s the beauty of it all. I guess what I’m trying to say is, get outside the box and DARE TO LIVE! Dare to be who you were created to be, rather than being confined to societal criteria. Create some real memories that make you nostalgic when looking back.Β 

Β©R. A. Douglas

August 27, 2017.



  1. Interesting post! When I was in the sixth grade some bullies in my school used to call me Fatboy! I was always a little husky for my size. Now that I am retired I am back to that size again!

  2. What a motivational read! I would say you have your head screwed on well and have absolutely benefitted from indulging in a little innocent mischief as a child. I was always up to little pranks and still am, decades later. My colleagues always think I am younger than I am because I have continued to give my inner child room to holler!
    Lovely to meet you, like minded soulL πŸ’•

      1. My date of birth is a number than means as much to me as my SIN. I sometimes forget the final few digits. Have a great weekend R.A! 😁

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