1. Too true! I am glad to meet you, not just for your writing…but to know you are a Christian who I suspect is quite authentic and genuine about your faith-walk…the fluctuations, struggles. I am a sister in Christ, much older than you I’m sure, and last year was so difficult that my faith feels shredded. Yet, I’m confident our Lord is very near, keeping His eye and hand on me. When things are challenging it is important to hold on to the truth that His is a “covenant love/relationship”–and even if we are floundering, He maintains His position unwaveringly…He stays patient, waiting for the moments when He can send revelation we will understand and receive, so that He may lead us out of the valleys. Sometimes He has to drag me from day to day, and then there is the marvelous image of Him as Good Shepherd–lifting me up and carrying me over His shoulders, oh sweet rest in that! Sorry to take up so much space–feel free to delete if you wish–I just got carried away by His goodness. May you feel His abundant blessings today! โค

    1. Haha. God is good! Thank you for the comment, itโ€™s refreshing. I agree, faith is shaky when times get tough, but conversation with God and prayer is key. You gotta keep talking to Him, even if itโ€™s only to vent, and eventually faith stabilizes.
      God bless you too sister. Thanks for checking my page.

      1. What you say rings true! HE once said to me, “I don’t care if you shout and rail at me–just keep communicating, no ‘silent treatment, dear child'”. That was the best!! โค

  2. Jesus once said, “By their fruits ye shall know them.”

    What most people/christians don’t seem to understand is that one wears on the outside what is in the heart whether good or evil for all too see.

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