Talk to me

Let’s have a conversation.

A deep, impactful, intellectual,

emotionally satisfying, spiritually uplifting,


I want to know you. The real you.

No facades. No masks. 

Face to face and eyes to eyes.

Let me see who you truly are.

Tell me all about life.

How was your day?

What’s on your mind?

Do you have big dreams,

And do they scare you just a little?

Are you looking forward to tomorrow,

And will you present here with me today?

Talk to me.

Let’s tell some jokes, and laugh a little.

Maybe share a secret or a savoury thought?

Let’s absorb each otherpresence,

Embrace each other’s humanity.

Give me a glimpse of your heart.

Help me to understand you.

Talk to me. 

R. A. Douglas

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