Talk to me

Let’s have a conversation. A deep, impactful, intellectual, emotionally satisfying, spiritually uplifting, conversation. I want to know you. The real … More

surrendering all

opaque and bleak dreams malleable to the wills  of common lovers and liars; respect demanded, but never earned love extracted, … More


Whistling winds Waves rippling over the surface Whispering leaves glossed over When did the breeze stop swaying us? Why is … More

Sunrise, Sunset

From civil war to turf wars, the Srither twins go from the ruins of Jaffna, Sri Lanka to the suburbs of Canada in search of a new life. The struggle to survive versus the struggle to fit in, intercepted by new friendships, bad company, and budding romances, turn their lives into an almost typical high school drama. Will they survive? More importantly, will they fit in? Will Akil ever win the heart of the perfect La Reine Jacob? Relive those high school butterflies and teenage dilemmas through this coming of age story, while taking a trip from the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, to the boroughs of Toronto.

The Pursuit of Peace

The problem with the world is that we pursue happiness over everything. We seek to feel. We seek to be … More


β€œGo. Trek through hills of snow Leave new footprints on these old paths Get lost in all the worlds where … More