You Are Society

On every blog, facebook post, and instagram post, there’s a hint of annoyance with society.

Someone complains about being stuck in traffic, while another whines about being judged, and yet another feels out of place and unlike the rest.

“They judge! They don’t accept me! They make me feel like I’m not enough! I’m unapologetically me!” These are the screams of every voice I hear nearby. Every single one. It’s all one big narcissistic desperation for attention. Every single person just wants to be noticed, so while hoping to be seen they forget to see others.

My question is this. If every one of you feels out of place and like you don’t belong, then who are these imaginary people that belong? Who are they that judge or disapprove? They don’t exist, because while your pushing yourself out, assuming that society judges you, so is everyone else in society. So let me point out that it’s not them, it’s you.

If you want to be accepted you have to first show up and open up. If you want to fit in, you have to step out of your room and step into the circle. If don’t want there to be traffic jams, don’t be a part of the traffic. Get off the road.

For every negative thing you feel, there is a positive solution, and it starts with you. Don’t blame the world or accuse society because you a part of the world and you make up the society.


  1. I agree with you, people must open up and connect with each others. But life nowadays is more and more stressful and difficult, due to many reasons. There are 50% of blame on social and economical systems
    Otherwise why would everyone be that negative?

  2. Great post!!! Most people focus on what they can get instead of what they can give or contribute. The world is bigger than anyone of us. Kindness, compassion, moderation, courage and wisdom can save us all as a species. If any of us are slaves, we are slaves to fear and our ego. Again, great post!

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