The seasonal passenger on the train on life,

She entered, like a summer breeze,

Laughed like sunshine,

Loved like thunder,

Embraced hearts,

Healed wounds,

Then suddenly vanished;

Leaving traces of herself in every landmark,

An empty chair at a once full table,

A silence where her laughter once lived,

She left them abandoned, nostalgic, and confused.

She never said why, and they never understood,

She wasn’t meant to stay

And she’d never return.

⁃ R. A. Douglas


  1. Ooh. I like that she was never meant to say and never returned. A great poem for those connections in life that end unfinished, brief and yet somehow change everything. At least this is my own resonance with your poem. I enjoyed this πŸ™‚

  2. Life is so fleeting, so ephemeral. To grasp this is to have wrenched oneself free of life’s illusions…or, to never have had their comfort in the first place. I think I’m a little bit of both. You go girl!

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